Logaholic Installation

Installing Logaholic begins by downloading the most recent version from our Download page.
Our hosted solution, does not require any download and/or installation.

Installing Logaholic on Different Platforms

Logaholic is generally platform independent. However, each platform requires its own particular configuration for installing and running Logaholic. The following links provide information about each of the three major platform categories:

If you’re not sure of your website’s platform, please ask your system administrator or hosting service.

If the addresses within your website include the file extensions “.asp.” “.net,” and/or “.aspx,” your site is hosted on a Windows platform.

Installation Options/Versions

Logaholic Hosted Service
Logaholic SaaS is a hosted service, no software installation or maintenance required by you. Website data is collected and stored in our cloud environment, your website analytics will always be securely available online. Just add a few lines of Javascript tracker code to your web pages and you can begin analyzing the performance of your website.

Logaholic Self Hosted Edition (SHE)
The Self Hosted Edition can be installed and run from a (virtual and/or cloud) server which could also host your website. This edition requires a Web Server, PHP 5+ and MySQL 5+. SHE can be set up to analyze your web server log files and/or create its own tracking files from the included Javascript Based Tracker

The Self Hosted Edition can also be run on a Windows Workstation, though this requires some additional preparation. Please see How to setup Logaholic on a Windows Workstation for more information.

Logaholic Service Provider Edition (SPE)
The Service Provider Edition has basically the same features and requirements as the Self Hosted Edition. However, this edition is equipped with dedicated tools that seamlessly integrate in any hosting environment and back office, to reliably supply any amount of customers with a Web Analytics service.