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Logaholic offers features tailored to different users and customer types

You don't have to be a rocket scientist.

If you just have a few sites and are looking for a robust web analytics solution, Logaholic is for you.

Compared to Google Analytics, Logaholic is easier to use and can provide more in-depth information on things like individual visitors, site errors and other traffic.

The easiest setup is to create an account on our hosted service. That will allow you to define your sites and insert a javascript tracking tag, or even to upload your log files for analysis.


Built with Agencies in mind

Logaholic makes reporting on multiple customer sites easy to implement. A complete user management module contains the tools you need to optimally service your customers.

Giving certain customers access to interactive, personalized dashboards is just as easy as keeping them in the loop by email with scheduled PDF reports. Since our reports are relevant, meaningful and easy to understand you'll be on solid ground with your customer.

Add Reporting to your App

Why build an entire reporting system when you can use Logaholic to do it in a fraction of the time?

Logaholic already has the back end for providing stats to mutiple profiles and users.

It has the reporting framework that you can use to quicky build reports.

You can use Logaholic as a front end reporting tool for your customers, or as a back end tool for your own reporting and just use Logaholic's JSON, XML and CSV to get certain information into you UI.


The features your customers want

Logaholic a enables your company to differentiate itsself from other hosting providers. By offering Logaholic to your customers you're providing a powerful tool that your customers will love.

Logaholic can scale to support millions of websites. For more information, visit our Service Provider Edition page.

We turn your Big Data into information

Logaholic offers dedicated service and unparalelled support for companies that are looking for a more general reporting platform for use in intranets, private clouds or parnter portals.

Our developers can build custom reports based on custom data quickly and efficiently. Training for your own developers is also possible.

Let's start a conversation, if you think we can be of benefit to your company.


Includes all the features a good Web Analytics solution should have


Automate profile management

Our API integrates with your services to create Logaholic profiles and users automatically when needed.

Automate reporting via Email

Marketing Analysts can set up email alerts that will automatically send reports via email, as PDF, infographics or HTML

Supports large scale deployments

Hosting Providers can deploy Logaholic to millions of client websites using our Cluster Manager

Agencies can control who sees what

Create different report packages for different users roles. Control what they can change and which profiles and dashboards they can see.

Monetize Logaholic

Hosting providers can create custom subscriptions to sell premuim Logaholic features to their customers.

Logaholic Data API

All reports can also be requested as JSON, XML or CSV documents, allowing you to connect live Logaholic data to external applications.

Try Logaholic now and take your analytics reporting to the next level.

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