Migrating from Windows to Linux

If you are running Logaholic on Windows and you want to move it to a Linux machine, you will need to use the mysqldump program to export your database to a file that can be imported on Linux.

The Problem:
Windows is case insensitive, so all MySQL table names are in lower case. On Linux, this is not the case. When you use mysqldump on Windows and import the dump file on Linux, all table names will be lower case and Logaholic will break.

The Solution:
We have provided a PHP script that will rename all of the tables for you. The file located here:


Run this script from a command prompt AFTER importing the dump file into your database on Linux. This will rename all the tables back to their original case.

The script is protected by default. You will need to open the file in a text editor, then edit in a password.

Locate the following section in the script and insert a password where shown. You’ll need to provide that password in order to run this script from a Command prompt.

enter a password here, to prevent this script from running unintentionally
$password_for_this_script == "";   

// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Dont't edit beyond this point
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

if ($password_for_this_script == "") {
    echo "Edit this script and provide a password first!";
if (!isset($_REQUEST['pass'])) {
    echo "Password: 
"; exit(); } else if ($_REQUEST['pass']!=$password_for_this_script) { echo "Access Denied"; exit(); } @]