Your all-in-one Analytics Reporting Platform

With over 100 different reports and features, Logaholic is a versatile and powerful web analytics tool.

Reporting made easy

Easy, clear and concise reports can be organized into great looking dashboards that will give you instant insight into your data. Drag and drop reports, customize visualization across tables and charts to create a dashboard that is perfect for you.

Whether you are a marketeer or a web master, Logaholic has the tools to help you find what you're looking for.

Data Collection from multiple sources

If your only data source is a javascript tracking tag (like Google Analytics), you are missing a ton of information about your website. Logaholic can analyze your web server's access log file and give you the full picture. This includes site errors and information about the files that cannot be 'tagged', like PDF documents.

You can even combine tags and log files, so you can have your cookies and eat them too :)

Several ways to collect data

  • Read logs from local disk or network share
  • Download logs automatically via FTP
  • Use javascript tracking tag

Supports all major log file formats

  • NCSA Common/Combined (Apache/nginx)
  • W3C Extended Log File Format (IIS)
  • Easy to create parsers for custom formats

Share your data

We know how important it is to be be able to share and communicate your reports with others. That's why we have made it super easy to create beautiful PDF documents from your dashboards. You can even add text and comments in our WYSIWYG editor before you publish your PDF.

Show your boss what a rock star web analyst you really are.

Share with the Suits

  • Slick, board room ready PDF reports
  • Export any report to CSV and use in any Spreadsheet
  • Automatically email reports to any address daily, weekly or monthly

Share with the Nerds

  • Fetch any report's data with a simple GET request
  • Get data in JSON, XML or Simple HTML format
  • Embed reports in other apps or pages

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The Power of Trends

Often, spotting changes in your website traffic is where analysis starts. That sudden spike in visits, where did it come from? Which page did they go to? What else did they do? That's why we've made spotting trends and changes in your data a breeze. Within any date range, you can visualize trend data on visits, pages, referrers, keywords, countries, conversion and more.

Any change will stand out like a sore thumb and allow you to drill down deeper.

The Power of Details

This is where a lot of other analytics solutions drop the ball. The ability to see details, to drill down and see the exact click stream of an individual visitor. To see, per page, where traffic is coming from and where it's going next.

Logaholic offers unprecedented details in analyzing pages, click streams and even individual requests.

See trends on things like

  • Visitors, Visits, Pageviews, Countries,
  • Visit Duration, Conversion, Bounce rate,
  • Browsers, Errors, Crawlers and more

See details with reports like

  • Page Analysis
  • Click Trails
  • Most Active Visitors

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Get customer feedback

A simple poll or an advanced survey? No problem, Logaholic has a survey tool built in. No need to go to another application, your user feedback is right there with all your other analytics.

Our easy to use survey builder will allow you to create surveys that plug right into your site.

Ask any type of question

  • Multiple choice
  • Single choice
  • Open answers

Question & Answer logic

  • Link answers to specific next questions
  • Skip questions
  • Redirect to urls based on answer

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Conversion Rates

We love conversion rates, the single most insightful metric in web analytics. What percentage of visitors become customers, download our product, subscribe to our newsletter, do X, Y or Z?

The key to improving your website's marketing performance is measuring conversion rates to key areas of your site. Logaholic lets you do just that.

Funnels and Goals

A funnel analysis is a great way to measure the performance of your site's goals. Track the progress of visitors from stage to stage and find out where you should improve the flow.

Logaholic also helps you to stay focused on what is important. Define targets and see how close you are to reaching your goals.

Measure conversion of KPI's

  • Page, Referrer and Keyword conversion rates
  • Countries
  • Custom Visitor segments

Improve conversion rates

  • By tracking funnel reports
  • By setting goals
  • By split testing content

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Did someone say split testing?

It depends on which version of this page you are looking at...

A/B Split testing is one of the most powerful techniques you can use to improve your website, and it's built right into Logaholic. With a few basic tools, Logaholic allows you to create simple experiments and make quick progress.

Test Pages, Elements & Date Ranges

Split testing can be a pain, which is why we like to keep it simple. You can Split Test two pages against each other. This is great for testing different landing pages. If you want to test specific elements on a page, like buttons or images, that's possible too.

If you forgot to test something ... a simple Time Based report lets you go back and compare that change you made to your homepage. It's cheating and will certainly cause a time paradox, but hey...

Split Testing tools

  • Content Based Split Test
  • URL based Split Test
  • Time Based Split Test

Measure metrics like

  • Confidence level
  • Conversion share
  • Conversion rate

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The most important feature for anyone serious about online marketing. Most of the time, totals and averages won't tell you very much about your online marketing efforts. You need to be able to isolate certain groups of visitors and analyze them separately.

Logaholic segmentation filters allow you to slice and dice your data in any way you want.


Segments also allow you to track your marketing campaigns. Create a segmentation filter for your campaign and you will be able to apply that to almost any report in Logaholic. This includes trends, conversion, pages, referrers, bounce rate reports, you name it.

That way you can compare your Campaigns and know which ones are working and which ones aren't.

Segment visitors based on

  • URL, Referrer, Keyword,
  • User agent, Mobile,
  • Country, Crawler, IP

Use Segments to

  • Report on the valuable parts of your traffic
  • Report on marketing campaigns
  • Analyze and compare different groups of visitors

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Facebook Reports

Having statistics all over the place is a drag. With Logaholic you can get analytics on your Facebook Pages and Apps alongside all your other reports.

Bring it all together in one great dashboard.

Twitter Analytics

Hook up your Twitter account to see your stats. Includes tools to help grow your audience by finding and comparing the best users to follow.

Yes, that paragraph was only 140 characters.


  • Page Insights
  • App stats


  • Twitter account stats
  • Search and Find popular users

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It's not all marketing fun and games. Some of us just have to find out what is going on with that server!

Logaholic will show you all the error codes that your site produces and will let you drill down to see the underlying page requests.

Forensics & Security

Your site is probably being attacked right now. Some guy is brute forcing your login page. Spammers are pounding your forum. Your wordpress install is being probed. And that's just in the last few minutes.

Since Logaholic uses Log files, you can go in and investigate problems. Using the Error reports, Click Trails and Log Inspector you'll able be to find the malicious IP numbers. This will help you block them before it's too late (and remove them from your stats).

Error Reports

  • Status codes with drill down
  • Error Trends
  • Bounce rate & Exit rate reports

Other handy tools

  • Suspicious Traffic report to find and remove bad traffic
  • Log Inspector to find and view requests
  • Automatic and manual bot detection

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We're working hard to bring your ecommerce transaction data into Logaholic.

Right now, we have integrations for OpenCart, Zencart and Magento, but many more are on the way.

Custom Reports

If you have some data you'd really like to see in Logaholic, you can always ask us to create a custom report. If you know some PHP, you can even do it yourself.

Logaholic's flexible class based report files are easy to extend with new functionality, so there is no limit to what you can do with Logaholic!
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Basic and Pro

Logaholic is available in 2 simple flavors

Logaholic Basic

  • Free
  • Add up to 300 websites/users
  • Add up to 5 KPI's
  • One dashboard
  • No PDF reports
  • Visitors per Day
  • Visitors per Month
  • Trend Analysis
  • Top Days
  • Top Pages
  • Traffic Breakdown
  • Top Referrers
  • Top Continents
  • Overall Performance
  • Error Report
  • Browser Market Share
  • Operating Systems
  • Screen Resolution
  • Color Palette
  • All Traffic by Month
  • All Traffic by Day
Friendly lady

Logaholic Pro

  • Starts at $60/year
  • Add up to 300 websites/users
  • Add unlimited KPI's
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Awesome PDF reports
  • Visitors per Day
  • Visitors per Month
  • Trend Analysis
  • Visit Duration Per Day
  • Total Duration Per Day
  • New Vs Returning
  • Top Hours
  • Top Days
  • Compare Days
  • Surveys
  • Visit Duration
  • Total Duration
  • Recent Visitors
  • Most Active Users
  • Authenticated Visitors
  • Top Pages
  • Top Pages - Details
  • Page Trends
  • Top Entry Pages
  • Landing Page
  • Top Feeds
  • Most Crawled Pages
  • Average Page Time
  • Top Pages in the Last Hour
  • Youtube Channel
  • Page Analysis
  • Click Trails
  • Top Click Paths
  • Internal Site Search
  • Top Exit Pages
  • Exit Clicks
  • Traffic Breakdown
  • Top Referrers
  • Top Referrers - Details
  • Referrer Trends
  • Top Keywords
  • Top Keywords - Details
  • Keyword Trends
  • Search Engines
  • Search Engine Trends
  • Google Rankings
  • Top Continents
  • Top Countries / Cities
  • Top Cities
  • Country Trends
  • Performance Trends
  • Overall Performance
  • Conversion Trends
  • Page Conversion
  • Referrer Conversion
  • Keyword Conversion
  • Country Conversion
  • Time to Conversion
  • Road To Sales
  • Funnel Analysis
  • Error Report
  • Error Trends
  • Bounce Rate
  • Bounce Rate per day
  • Exit Rate
  • Suspicious Traffic
  • Log inspector
  • Content Based Split Test
  • Time Based Split Test
  • URL Based Split Test
  • Browser Breakdown
  • Browser Versions
  • Browser Trends
  • Browser Market Share
  • Operating Systems
  • OS Versions
  • Mobile Operating Systems
  • Mobile OS Versions
  • Mobile User Agents
  • Mobile Devices
  • Screen Resolution
  • Color Palette
  • All Traffic by Month
  • All Traffic by Day
  • All Traffic by Hour
  • All Traffic by Minute
  • Most Active Crawlers
  • Crawler Trends
  • Bandwidth
  • Tweets Per Day
  • Twitter Compare
  • Twitter Feed
  • Twitter Find People
  • Twitter Followers
  • Twitter Following
  • Twitter Total Tweets
  • Facebook Age
  • Facebook Gender
  • Facebook Gender and Age
  • Facebook Posts
  • Facebook Pageviews
  • Facebook API Calls
  • Facebook Stories
  • Facebook Active Countries
  • Facebook Cities
  • Facebook Videos
  • Facebook Language
  • Intercom Segments
  • Intercom Conversations Status
  • Intercom Totals
  • Intercom Conversations
  • Intercom Tags
  • Intercom Admin Conversations
  • Intercom New Users
  • Intercom Total Users
  • OpenCart Sales
  • OpenCart Taxes
  • OpenCart Top Products
  • OpenCart Top Customers
  • OpenCart Top Affiliates
  • OpenCart Sales Per Country
  • OpenCart Statusses
  • ZenCart Sales
  • ZenCart Taxes
  • ZenCart Top Customers
  • ZenCart Top Products
  • ZenCart Sales Per Country

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Website profile management

Logaholic allows you to add up to 300 website profiles in a basic installation. That means you can set up separate stats for all your sites and services. You can also combine reports from different profiles into one dashboard.

If you need more profiles, our Service Provider Edition scales up to millions of sites.

User management

Logaholic allows you to create user accounts and link them to specific profiles. Flexible permission levels and settings allow you to control what a user can do.

This is great if you want to provide analytics to your customers. Logaholic is all you need to service hundreds of websites and users.

Built for Service Providers

What does the largest Hosting Provider in Switzerland, one of the top online marketing firms in Hollywood and the largest service provider for educational institutions in the US have in common?

They all use Logaholic to provide a Web Analytics product to their customers. Check out our Service Provider Edition for more specific features.

Add many users and websites

  • Add any number of user accounts
  • Up to 300 profiles in a basic installation
  • That's way more than what you can do with Google Analytics

Go Large with Logaholic SPE & Enterprise

  • Cluster Manager allows scaling to millions of sites and users
  • API to automate & integrate user/profile management
  • Subscription module to create custom report packages for users

Try Logaholic now and take your analytics reporting to the next level.

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