Logaholic Local Installation Set Up

We offer Logaholic as hosted (SAAS) service but also as a downloadable program; the latter we refer to as local installation. The local installation can be effected in a location of choice, like a dedicated server, a virtual ((cloud) hosted) server or even your Workstation. All versions for local installation follow the same setup routine.

PLEASE NOTE: Local installation and setup routine are the same for all Logaholic versions.


Before You Install

Step 1: Verify Minimum Software Requirements

Before installing Logaholic, please verify that the server on which the software will be installed meets the minimum Software Requirements

Step 2: Copy Files

Create a new subdirectory in your web root folder called “logaholic”, or any other name you choose for this purpose. Copy (extract) the contents of the logaholic zip file you just downloaded to the new subdirectory. For example, if you have a website called “www.testsite.com”, extract the files to “www.testsite.com/logaholic/”.

If you have a dedicated virtual host for logaholic, just copy the contents of the logaholic folder to your web documents root folder.


Run the Setup Page


Open a browser and go to:


This will open the Setup Page. Follow the instructions on the screen and read the tips below to complete the Logaholic installation.

File Permissions

Logaholic needs to be able to write files to a few directories. By default these are:


Files directory: logaholic/files
Data directory: logaholic/data
Temp Directory: logaholic/data


You can change the location for the data directory and the temp directory.

We recommend to change the data and temp directories to a location outside your document root to avoid direct access by web users.

Change the permissions on these folders so Logaholic (i.e the user the webserver runs as) has write permission.


Database Settings

Database server connection details and create the logaholic database.

Database Server:
When the mysql server is on the same machine where Logaholic is installed, use “localhost” or “” as the Database address. When the Logaholic database is on a different machine, provide the exact location of the database. This can be an IP address or a qualified domain name.

Database name:
If the database name you enter here does not already exist, it will try to create it. Please make sure your mysql user has sufficient privileges to do this. You can use a mysql user that does not have the create database permission, but in that case you should first manually create the database before submitting the install form.

TIP: For Wampserver or Xamp, the default Database Username is “root” and the Database Password is blank.


Install GeoLiteCity

Logaholic uses the GeoLite2 City database provided by Maxmind.com to determine the geographic location of your visitors, down to the city level.

To obtain and maintain a free copy of the GeoLite2 City database head over to Maxminds sign up page.

Once you have created an account (Confirmed by email with instructions on how to set your password) Login to your account.

Under Account Summary click Download Databases . On the next page select in the table ID= GeoLite2-city Download= GZIP .

Download, Extract and place file GeoLite2-City.mmdb in:



Setup Profiles

Once the installation has been completed, you will be redirected to the “Control Panel”.
On the left side of the screen you’ll find a link “Create Profile”, follow the link to start creating your first profile.

Go to the manual section on Profile Configuration