Install Logaholic locally on a Windows Workstation

Logaholic is designed to also run on a local Windows workstation. However, installing this edition requires that you first install web server software, PHP, and MySQL. The video tutorial below provides simple, step-by-step instructions for setting up and installing Logaholic on a Windows workstation.

Please note that the video has been shot with version 4, allthough the screens look different in version 6 the setup routine is largely the same, we will replace the video with a more current version soon.

Limitations of Logaholic (SHE) Self Hosted Edition
You will not be able to use the Java Tracker or Hybrid Mode that are part of Logaholic. This feature will only work on a server that is continuously connected to the Internet and has an unique IP address or qualified domain name.

Although installing Logaholic (SHE) on your local workstation is a fairly simple process, some basic knowledge of server and database software is required, as will be some routine server and database maintenance on an as-needed or scheduled basis. Our hosted Logaholic Live service has all features the Self Hosted Edition has, but also includes the the option of using the Java Tracker and Hybrid Mode, but does not require local installation and maintenance. This is an excellent alternative for those who don’t wish to undertake installation and maintenance of their own web analytics service.

What you need to install Logaholic (SHE) on a Windows Workstation:

  • Web Server environment. We recommend Wampserver or Xamp
  • Access to the location (file path) of the log files on the webserver
  • Permission to read the subfolders/files in the log file location
  • Credentials for the FTP account that connects to the web site and/or log file location.

Preparing the Windows Workstation

Create a Web Server Environment
Creating a Web Server environment is fairly simple with Wampserver, an easy to install, free (Open source) program that will prepare your workstation. Wampserver contains a complete, robust and safe web server environment for Windows workstations.

Wampserver is available in a 32bit and 64bit versions. If you’re not sure which to choose, install the 32bit version of Wampserver.

Install Wampserver

Download Wampserver and store in a (new) folder, on your hard disk.

Save the Wampserver executable in a new folder on your disk so you can easily locate it later. In this example, we’ll call this folder logaholic_install.

Locate and open the logaholic_install folder where you saved the Wampserver executable. Double click the Wampserver executable (on Windows Vista or 7 ? “run as administrator,”), then follow the on-screen instructions to install Wampserver.

If your virus scanner or Windows warns you about installing a new program, confirm that you want to allow the installation processes to continue. We’ll assume that you will be installing Wampserver in the default installation folder “c:\wamp.”

When the installation process is complete, start Wampserver. Click the Windows “Start” button, select, “All Programs> Wampserver”, (on Windows Vista or 7 ? run as administrator). A green icon Wampserver should now be added to your task bar or in your status window this may take a while.

If the icon does not appear or is not green please check Wamp documentation.

Install Logaholic on your Windows Workstation

Download Logaholic Self Hosted Edition, storing the “” in the “logaholic_install” folder you created earlier.

Unzip the compressed files from the file to the same logaholic_install folder.

Within the logaholic_install folder, locate and copy the “logaholic” subfolder to the Windows clipboard.

Click on the Wampserver icon on your taskbar or status screen to locate WAMP’s www directory. Then, click on the “” link to open the WWW folder.

Paste the logaholic folder you copied earlier into the WWW folder. The final pathname should look like this: “c:\wamp\www\logaholic.”

Place Wampserver online by clicking the Wampserver icon, then clicking “Put online.”

Install and configure Logaholic.

Open a browser window and type the following address into the address bar:


The First screen of the Set Up Wizard displays.

Please follow the on-screen instructions.

During Step 3 of the Set Up Wizard, you will be asked to enter MySQL database details.

The default Database Username is “root.”

The “Database Password” is not required and can be left blank.

The rest of the form can remain unchanged.

More information about installing and setting up Logaholic is available in the Logaholic Set Up Wizard