Logaholic (SPE/SHE) on Windows Server

Logaholic can be installed on a dedicated server running Windows Server and IIS.

This can also be an account on a windows based shared hosting plan, but the server and account need to include support for MySQL and PHP. If you are not sure whether the software requirements of MySQL and PHP are supported, please contact your web hosting provider.

Both PHP and MySQL must be installed in order to run Logaholic on a Windows Server running IIS. Both Microsoft and Oracle (MySql) have created some excellent tools that make installing PHP and MySQL no more complicated than installing any other program on your PC or Server.

We’ve collected a few resources below, but we encourage you to google for your specific version of Windows and IIS.

Setting up Logaholic on Windows Server 2012 R2 with IIS 8.5

How to setup IIS 8 and PHP on Windows Server 2012
Download and Install PHP on Windows Server
Download and Install FastCGI 1.5 (IIS 6.0 and 5.1 (required)
Download and Install FastCGI (IIS 7)
Set-up Fast CGI for php with IIS7 (Video) (required)
Optimal settings for PHP (required)
Optimize PHP processing speed (advised)
Optimize PHP processing speed IIS7 (Video) (advised)
Download MySQL community server (required)
Run MySQL installation wizard using the default suggested settings (required)
Installing PHP, MySQL and PHP MyAdmin (Video)(informative)

See important information on getting PHP 5.0.x, 5.1.x, 5.2.x to work with MySQL.

IIS Timeout Issues

IIS will typically abort any script that runs longer than 300 seconds (CGI Timeout). You may need to change the CGI Timeout settings on the server in order to avoid timing out when importing large log files.

The following Microsoft Technet article provides additional information on Configuring CGI Applications (IIS 6.0).

IIS6+ users will also need to download and install the Metabase editor from Microsoft.

Finish your installation by running the Logaholic Set-up Wizard.