Software Requirements for Running Logaholic

Logaholic Live Edition

Logaholic Live is our hosted web analytics service. With Logaholic Live Edition, there is no need to install and maintain the Logaholic software on your own server or workstation. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser to view your website analytics in Logaholic Live. All popular web browsers are supported. However, if you encounter compatibility issues with a particular browser or browser version, please let us know.

Logaholic (SHE) Self Hosted Edition and Logaholic (SPE) Service Provider Edition

Logaholic (SHE) and (SPE) editions are platform independent. They can be installed on most available operating systems including Linux, Windows, and Mac. However, each platform must also include the following:

  • Web Server software. Most web servers are supported.
  • Database software. MySQL 4.1+ (5+ is recommended), SQLite is no longer supported.
  • PHP Scripting Language. PHP 5+.

Logaholic may also be installed on a (shared) Virtual server. However the server and account must include support for MySQL and PHP. If you are not sure whether the above versions of MySQL and PHP are supported, please check with your hosting provider.

Web server platforms are available in several different versions, which can sometimes complicate the installation process. For specific platform-related questions or concerns, please check our Q&A Section.

Requirements for running Logaholic (SHE) on a Windows Workstation

Logaholic (SHE) Self Hosted Edition also runs on Windows Workstations, though this requires some additional preparation. Please see How to setup Logaholic on a Windows Workstation for more information.

Requirements for running Logaholic (SPE/SHE) on a Windows Server (2003 or 2008) with IIS (6 or 7)

Both PHP and MySQL must be installed in order to run Logaholic on Windows servers with IIS. Both Microsoft and Oracle (MySQL) have created some excellent tools make installing PHP and MySQL no more complicated then installing any other program on your PC or Server.

For more information, please see Logaholic on Windows Server