Creating Translations

Logaholic supports multiple languages. You are welcome to edit or improve the language files.

If you would like to suggest an improvement to an existing translation, please use the Translation Tool.

If you want to add your own translation from scratch, you can set up a new language like this.

1. Locate files

You can find the language definition files in the following folder:


In this folder, you’ll find one file and directory per language, i.e.,



2. Copy the english.php file and the /english/ folder and rename it your language.

For example, if you want to make a french translation:

copy ../logaholic/languages/english.php to ../logaholic/languages/french.php

copy ../logaholic/languages/english to ../logaholic/languages/french

3. Edit the files.

Just open one of the definition files in an Editor and overwrite the english text with your translation.

Provided your translated files are in the /logaholic/languages directory, a menu item for your new language will automatically be included in the Logaholic option menu drop down.

The definition lines are very simple, they all looks like this:

define(‘_DATE_RANGE’, ‘Date Range’);\\
define(‘_TARGET’, ‘Target’);\\
define(‘_NOW_CALCULATING’, ‘Now calculating’);\\

Which you translate like this:

define(‘_DATE_RANGE’, ‘Date de période’);\\
define(‘_TARGET’, ‘Cible’);\\
define(‘_NOW_CALCULATING’, ‘Le calcul immédiat’);\\

4. Send us your files.

If you are interested in helping us translate Logaholic, please send us a support email and let us know which language you want to work on. We’ll make sure your work ends up in the main distribution and that you don’t have to translate anything someone else has already done.