Checking a Profile’s Last Updated Status

The lastupdated.php script provides a quick way to see when a profile has last been updated by displaying the last found timestamp in the database for each profile on your system.

NOTE: This script can only be used by admin users and is only useful for Logaholic systems that contain many profiles.

The script is located here:



php lastupdated.php

Open the script in a text editor to change the following options:

$notifyadmin=true; // set to true if you want an email with the output from this script
$adminemail =””; // enter your email address to receive notifications
$hours = “24”; // if you are only interested in profiles that have not been updated for more than, say 24 hours, enter 24 here
$running_from_command_line=true; // if you set this to false, you can only use this script in a browser if you are logged in as admin.

TIP: Set up a Cron job to run this script periodically and have the results emailed to you. This way, you can keep an eye on the system and quickly notice when any profiles stop updating.