Data Storage

Database Information

Here you can see your database information and your largest Logaholic profiles.

Tip: You can change database connection settings in the Installation Setup section.

Data Manager Settings

This is the directory on your server that Logaholic will use to store report datafiles and database backups. To keep this directory safe we strongly recommend to place it outside your web site document root folder to prevent others from accessing the files via the web. If you do not place this folder outside your web root, the data files will be exposed to the internet. Make sure that the “file permissions” are set so the web server can save files in this folder. You might also need to add the data directory path to the “open_basedir” setting in your PHP.ini file if PHP is unable to read form the location you choose.

Change Upload Directory

Here you can change the location of the log files stored on this server when using the FTP or Upload features of Logaholic. For security reasons, we highly recommend to change the upload directory to a path that is outside your web root (i.e. a directory that can not be accessed via the web, but can be accessed by PHP through the open_basedir setting in your PHP.ini file).

URL Case Sensitivity

On Linux servers, URL’s are case sensitive, e.g. Default.html is not the same as default.html. On Windows, URL’s are not case sensitive and those two pages will be the same. If this Logaholic installation only handles information from windows servers, you can enable this by default for all profiles. All URL’s will be converted to lower case during update.
When enabled Logaholic will set the default url reading as case insensitive. You can override this global setting in the Profile settings.