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Our mission is to help companies unlock data, streamline reporting and make data-driven decisions a reality.

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We care about your data

Since 2008 Logaholic has provided customers with an effective and reliable statistics solution. Our Web Analytics software is used in various industries and has grown to include many useful features. Many rely on Logaholic for measuring the performance of Content, Traffic, Keywords, Marketing and beyond.

An important part of our clientele is formed by hosting providers, educational institutions, Saas companies and service/solution providers like web development and online marketing firms.

From 2010 - 2015 our software was included in cPanel, the world's leading web hosting control panel solution, bringing Logaholic to millions of users worldwide.

Today, we focus on helping companies get the most value from their web analytics and other data with custom solutions, integrations and reports. We are always available to assist you. Have a question or need help?

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