Social Media Reports

Below you will find a short explanation of each of the Logaholic social media reports.

Available Reports

INFO: Logaholic reports share a few General Settings that can be applied to your data.
All specific options related to individual reports will be discussed in the texts below.

Facebook Reports

The Logaholic Facebook reports enable you to track your social activity easily. A distinction is made between two sorts or report: Friends and Applications. Facebook Friend reports are mainly intended for sorting out interesting facts about your friends. You can request, for example, the average age, language or education level of your friends. The Application reports are suited for users with a business page or Facebook application.

Twitter Reports

Twitter reports shows information over a specific Twitter account. You can track the number of followers, tweets per day, and the total number of tweets. This way you’ll be monitoring your social activity in no-time.

Youtube Reports

At this moment Logaholic offers an extensive Youtube report. This reports shows all video’s from your Youtube channel, including the number of views, the number of likes and the amount of comments. Soon more reports will follow in this category.