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Free Downloads

Logaholic offers a free Self Hosted Edition for 1 profile/website. It contains all the reports from the Basic package. Enjoy!

Customer Downloads


You can install Logaholic on any desktop or server computer as long as PHP 5.3, Mysql 5+ and a Web Server (like Apache or IIS) are also installed.

For help with installing Logaholic on various platforms, please check these pages.

What does Self Hosted mean?

Self Hosted means you copy the software to your website and run it from your own hosting account. All the data is stored on your server. If you do not want to install any software, we can host it for you. In that case, please try the Logaholic Live Edition.

What kind of Website Analyzer Tool is Logaholic?

Logaholic’s Self Hosted Edition uses log file analysis as main data collection method, and is very powerful as a Web Log Analyzer. However, Javascript based tracking is supported too. Hybrid Mode provides the best of both worlds, combining web server log data with Logaholic’s unique Java Tracker data, which includes data not available in your web server logs.