Allowing Users to login Automatically from other systems

Many of our Service Provider Edition customers already have password protected environments for their customers, such as Hosting Control Panels and other back-end systems.

Customers that are logged into a system like that do not need to log in separately to Logaholic to view their web statistics.

Logaholic SPE offers a number of authentication methods to accommodate for this, but those only work if both the ‘Control Panel’ and Logaholic are installed/accessed via the same (sub)domain. If that is not the case, you can now enable on-the-fly logins by using the following method:

  • The username and password still need to be created in the Logaholic system, and match that what you are using in your own system.
  • In Logaholic, you should set the Authentication Method to : Use Logaholic Login Dialog.
  • Create a link to Logaholic from your ‘Control Panel’, but add a variable in the URL called lgpkey

The ‘lgpkey’ variable should be built up like this:

$lgpkey = md5($username) . “:” . md5($password); (This example is in PHP code)

So, the link should end up looking like this (where ‘hash’ is obviously an md5 hash string):

This will give users access to their Logaholic profile without an extra login prompt.

Create your lgpkey here



Your lpgkey is: