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Combine data from Log files, Javascript, Facebook, Youtube and more in one Reporting Platform. Hosted on-premise or in the cloud, you control the data!

Need an easy way to report all your web analytics data?

Logaholic is perfect for small businesses and enterprises alike.

Powerful and easy to use

Logaholic has over 100 ready to use web analytics reports with professional features like segmentation, custom dashboards and surveys.

All wrapped into an clean interface that is easy to use for both novices and experts.

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Extendable Reporting Platform

Logaholic has a plug and play report system that can be expanded to include almost any kind of data from any kind of source.

There are built-in integrations available, but we can also help you customise and extend Logaholic to report on essential data available within any part of your business.

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Data Ownership, Privacy, Control

Logaholic Self Hosted editions can be installed on-premise or in a private cloud. You have full control and ownership of the data, where it is stored and how and by whom it can be accessed.

With Logaholic, you are not trading company info or your user's privacy for a free analytics tool.

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Create your ultimate web analytics system

No more logging in to dozens of services, Logaholic can connect to all your favorite sources!

Includes all the features a good Web Analytics solution should have

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What our users are saying:

"Extremely useful for our industry to be able to see individual users at an IP level. Google Analytics doesn°«t do that."
"Like it a lot, very useful. Intuitive layout and design. Allows us to add data that needs to stay in our four walls."
"Overall very easy to use and good visual presentation."
The first time we have been able to connect offline initiatives with the performance of the our site.

We have solutions for different types of customers.

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