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Logaholic Pro Pricing is the same for both our Saas and On-Premise solutions

Logaholic Pro

Access all Logaholic reports and features. Pricing is based on the monthly volume of pageviews that is processed by Logaholic for you. Adjust the slider below to fit your monthly volume:
$ 0 /month

A Logaholic Basic license (hosted or self hosted) is free, but features are limited.

You can always upgrade a Basic license to a Pro license from within the application.

Service Provider Edition
$ 99 /month
Logaholic SPE is intended for companies that manage mutiple clients, users and websites they need to provide reporting services for.
  • 300 basic profiles by default, up to 5000 with support
  • Upgrade to Pro per user or in bulk
  • Includes API for automating user and profile management

A Basic SPE installation on premise is free, but unsupported.

Support subscriptions start at $99/month for installations up to 300 website profiles.

Enterprise Edition
$ 1999 /year

The Enterprise Edition is intended for companies that need full control over the reporting platform.

It has everything the Service Provider Edition has, plus:

  • Logaholic Pro features enabled by default
  • Includes Subscription manager to create and assign different report packages to different users
  • Includes Cluster Manager module for scaling up to hundereds of thousands of profiles
  • White label & branding options
  • Flat fee pricing structure
Pricing starts at $1999 per year


We do not provide support for (free) Basic installations. If you require help with installing, configuring or using Logaholic, please upgrade to a Logaholic Pro license or purchase a support package separately.

Support packages are sold in blocks of 2 hours at a rate of $100/hour.

Custom Reports

We provide quick and cost effective report development services based on an agile software development process. Pricing is based on an hour estimate for your project.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy Logaholic Pro?

Every Logaholic installation or hosted account starts out in Basic mode. You can click the Upgrade to Logaholic Pro button from multiple places in the Logaholic application. The system will suggest Pro pricing based on the the volume of pageviews in your profiles.

How do I cancel Logaholic Pro?

In Logaholic, click your account name at the top right of the screen. Next click Settings. On your user information screen you will see a box with your subscription information. Click the red Cancel button to cancel your subscription.

Can I try Logaholic Pro?

Yes, there is a 14 Day trail period that automatically starts once you upgrade. You can cancel your trail anytime in this period and your card will not be charged.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Logaholic Pro payments are processed by All major credit cards are accepted.

What is the difference between Hosted/Saas and Self Hosted/On-premise?

Logaholic offers it's solutions as software you can install on your own hardware or virtual machine. We call this "Self Hosted" or "On Premise".

You can also choose to have Logaholic host any one of our products for you. In that case you are using our "Saas" solution. If you just have a few sites and one user, you can use our hosted service at

Saas based SPE and Enterprise Editions have custom hostnames and locations.

How do I enable Pro Features for all users and profiles?

Log in to your Logaholic application using an admin account. If you complete the upgrade to Logaholic Pro process as an admin user, Pro features will be unlocked for all users and profiles. Volume pricing is based on the aggregated monthly pageviews of the profiles in the system.

How do I enable Pro Features for a single user?

If you are logged in to Logaholic as a regular user and complete the Logaholic Pro upgrade process, Pro features will be enabled for that user account, on all profiles that user has access to. Volume pricing is based only on the aggregated monthly pageviews for the profiles the user has access to.

Is there an alternative to Logaholic Pro?

Yes, our Enterprise Edition comes with a server license that includes all the Pro features. The Enterprise Edition even has features that allow you to set up your own "Pro" packages that you can sell or give to your clients. It also has a flat fee pricing structre that is not tied to pageview volume.

Where is my data stored?

For on-premise solutions, all storage is on your own machine.

For hosted/Saas solutions we offer various hosting locations, including Europe (Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland) and the US (New York, San Francisco). Most locations are available on request.

Who is my Data shared with?

No one, silly! Who do you think we are, Google Analytics?

No sharing and no using of your data in any way. It's yours and only yours.

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