Upgrade Logaholic 3.x to Logaholic 4.x

In this manual item we’ll explain how to upgrade your Logaholic installation from version 3.x to version 4.x. This process only applies to the self hosted and service provider editions of the software. Upgrading is really simple and can be done by copying the new files over your current files in your Logaholic folder. However, if you have a large amount of data and accompanying profiles you might want to try Logaholic 4.x first before you decide to move. In that case you may decide to set up a clean Logaholic 4.0 installation and import individual profiles and data from Logaholic 3.x manually.

Upgrade Logaholic at once

Step 1: Copy Files

Access your web/local server with a FTP client.

Copy (extract) the contents of the logaholic zip file -containing the newer software version- to your ‘logaholic’ subdirectory. For example, if you have a website called “www.testsite.com” and your current Logaholic subdirectory is ‘logaholic’, extract the files to “www.testsite.com/logaholic/”.

The new files will overwrite the old files.

Step 2: Set permissions

Set the file access permission for “everyone” to “write” (777) for the “Data”folder within the Logaholic directory, if it hasn’t been set already. In most FTP clients you can do this by right-clicking the directory name and selecting “File permissions”.

Export/import individual profiles and data manually

Start by installing a clean Logaholic 4 installation on your webserver. Please follow the instructions in the SHE/SPE installation guide. Once installed, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Export Profile settings from Logaholic 3.x

Go to Manage Profiles in your current Logaholic installation (3) and click on the Maintenance tab.

Choose “Export Profile Settings to json file” to export the settings that below to your selected profile.

A download link will be prompted. Save the file to your computer (disk).

Step 2: Import Profile settings in Logaholic 4.x

Open the newly installed Logaholic version 4.x and navigate to Global Settings in the top menu.

Select Import profile settings from json file from the list.

Browse your computer for the file you downloaded in the previous step and click “Import”.
It’s also possible to enter the full path and file name in case you have the file saved on your server.

Your profile settings are now saved and ready to use.

Step 3: Export profile data from Logaholic 3.x

Return to your Logaholic 3 installation and open the Maintenance tab again of your preferred profile.

Choose “Backup / Export”.

Select the data range for which you want to export your profile data.

Select “Logaholic 4 LWA format” as a file format and click “Download”.

A series of log files will now be created in a new directory on your server. The screens shows the file locations. You will need to copy these files to the location described in the next step.

Step 4: Import profile data in Logaholic 4.x

Open your FTP client and connect to your webserver.

Navigate to the directory that contains your new Logaholic installation.

Open the subdirectory “Data”.

Within the Data directory, open the folder that contains the name of imported profile.
Open the subdirectory “logs”.

Copy the log files from step 3 here.

The final step is importing the data using datamanager in Logaholic 4.x.
Again, open the Maintenance tab for the profile you wish.

Click “Datamanager Settings”.
Your log file overview on the right should contain the file you just copied to the log directory of your profile.

Check the box “Manually Export / Import Logfiles” and fill in the data range for which you want to import data.

Click “Import” and the export/import process is done!