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Gain insights

With over 100 customizable reports, accessible through a clean and intuitive interface.

Understand your Visitors

From global overview to individual click paths. Drill down, segment and filter your traffic in any way.

Communicate Results

Create dashboards and beautiful PDF reports, export and share data in multiple formats.

Improve Performance

Track trends and conversion rates, run A/B tests and find ways to make your site perform better.

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About US

Providing great web analytics since 2007
We show you the numbers that make your business tick

Our Web Analytics software is used in various industries and has grown to include many useful features.

We use our analytical experience to be a leading source of information in many organizations. Many rely on us for measuring the performance of Content, Traffic, Keywords and Marketing.

An important part of our clientele is formed by hosting providers, educational institutions, and service/solution providers like web development and online marketing firms.

Our team is fully dedicated to further development of the software - working hard on new features and even greater usability.

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    Over 5 million websites analyzed using Logaholic

  • Scalable

    Process logs for over 200.000 sites on one machine

  • International

    Customers from over 60 countries

  • Data ownership

    100% your data. You own it, you control it.

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A quick overview of our web analytics packages
Logaholic Basic

starts at $0

  • Cloud or Self Hosted
  • Multiple website profiles
  • Logs or JS Tracking
  • Limited Features
Logaholic Pro

starts at $5

  • Cloud or Self Hosted
  • Multiple website profiles
  • Tags or Log files
  • All Features

Service Providers

Offer web analytics to your customers

starts at $99

  • On premise or Cloud
  • API integration
  • Scales out
  • Custom Report Packages
Business Intelligence


  • Custom report creation
  • Custom data sources
  • Back-end Integration
  • Web Analytics consulting
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