Moving Logaholic To A New Server

If you need to transfer your Logaholic software and all the analytics data you’ve collected from one server to another, the following instructions will guide you step by step through the process.

Step 1: Backup your Database with Mysqldump

The first step in transferring your data is to create a backup of your logaholic database using the mysqldump program.

If you have a Windows server, please check the mysql manual for details on backing up your MySQL database.

If you have a Linux server, run the following command from the command prompt to backup your MySQL database:

mysqldump -u mysql_username -p -B database_name > database_name.sql

Values in red should be replaced with your actual values. This command will create a plain text file containing all your data. You can copy this file to your new server and import it into mysql. We recommend that you zip (compress) this file before copying it, as it can be quite large.

Step 2: Copy Logaholic to the new machine

Copy the entire logaholic folder from the old server to the new server.

Step 3: Import the database

To import the .sql backup file created earlier on the new server, run the following command from the command prompt:

mysql -u mysql_username -p < database_name.sql,/span>

Step 4: Update Your System and Database File Locations

Update the Global.php File

If the MySQL username, password, hostname or database name is different on the new server, you will need to update these settings in your “global.php” file. This file is located in the “files” subdirectory of your “logaholic” directory.


Using a text editor like Notepad or Wordpad, open the global.php file. The default settings may look something like:

Make any necessary changes for the new server and save the file.

Update the Logfile and Database Location on the New Server

If the hostname you use to access Logaholic on the new server is different from the one you used when you initially installed Logaholic, you will need to generate a new license file. Please contact Logaholic Support to obtain a new license.

On a new server, system paths to your web tracking log files and the location of your database could be different. You can update the log file location settings in if necessary.

That’s it!

Logaholic should now be installed and functional on the new server.