author admin, May 22, 2013

Logaholic officially announces the Beta release of Logaholic Version 4.0.

Included in this brand new software version are all kinds of speed optimizations, new features and other improvements.

Quick Overview:
– Added Datamanager, including:
– Quick import/export of Logaholic’s Log files
– Possibility to choose own path location for data files
– Ability to adjust data file storage size
– Set maximum date range for database storage
– Much faster perl/php log analysis process
– Lightning fast report generation (even with large data sets)
– New report option: Load reports from multiple profiles into one dashboard
– New browser visualization
– Search is now case insensitive
– Top Countries / Cities has a new map
– Unique visitors is replaced with visits in many reports.
– New feature: Generate and email Infographics
– Automatically mail dashboards in PDF format
– New feature: Inpage Analytics
– Create subscription packages (SPE only)
– Improved useragent detection
– Improved PDF creator
– Log file processing is now done in the background

New in Logaholic 4 is the ‘Datamanager’, which helps you to clean up your database. By deleting old data from your database, it becomes smaller and faster. It comes with a new and improved way of processing data. As a result, reports in Logaholic load much faster than before, especially if you have large sites with lots of traffic (Big Data). You’ll be spending more of your valuable time analyzing statistics.

In the video below we introduce you to the new Datamanager settings. (view in HD for best results)

To learn more about the Datamanager function within Logaholic 4, please visit the manual section: Datamanager.

As of version 4, it is possible to switch between profiles in the report options. If you use Logaholic for multiple website’s, you can create a custom dashboard where you include all your favorite statistics from those website’s!

Another great new feature is Logaholic’s ability to create Infographics. These are graphical representations of your data centered around topics, so you can have all important statistics at your fingertips. In Logaholic 4, three default infographics will be available. They’re based around the following themes: Visitor, Content and Traffic.

Inpage Analytics
With the new feature ‘Inpage Analytics’ you’ll be able to make a visual representation of your statistics, in order to determine how people use your website. The data is loaded from your Logaholic account and is literally displayed IN your website. With inpage analytics you’ll find answers to questions like: ‘Which links are being clicked on?’ or ‘Do visitors really find what you want them to find?’

In the video below we tried to give you a first impression (view in HD mode for best results).

Email Alerts
Two mailing functionalities were added. From now on it is possible to send your personal dashboards on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to your preferred email address. You can now also schedule infographics for delivery via email. Send these alerts automatically to any email account to receive your recent statistics without having to log into Logaholic. Infographic emails are sent three times a week, each of them comprising different stats.

By popular request we have added a ‘Subscription’ functionality. This new feature is especially interesting for service providers. With this brand new option in Logaholic, server providers are able to allocate reports to their users. Thus, it becomes possible to put together custom Logaholic report packages for clients.

Several other improvements were made on the global scale to enhance your web analytics experience with Logaholic. Probably the most exciting one is the incredible speed increase in this version. Another improvement is enhanced user agent detection. Also, our PDF creator is much better now.

There’s more, but we don’t want to bore you. We hope you will enjoy Logaholic 4.0 as much as we do. Please let us know what you think, your feedback is always very much appreciated.

Try Logaholic 4.0 by downloading the Beta version here.
If you’re upgrading from Logaholic 3.x, please find instructions here.

You can also visit the online demo version here.