New Logaholic cPanel Plugin to replace built in version

The Logaholic version that is currently available in cPanel/WHM has a limited feature set because of technical and commercial restrictions related to the tight integration into the default cPanel distribution.

Since we would like to offer you a better solution with higher performance and more features, we’re moving to a new way of integrating with cPanel.

The new Logaholic cPanel plugin will enable you to connect and migrate your cPanel users to our full featured solutions. The built in version will remain available until cPanel/WHM version 11.46 EOL.


There are a number of options to continue providing Logaholic to your customers:

  • Installing dedicated Logaholic server(s)

    Our Service Provider Edition (SPE) solution will free up resources on your hosting platform by centralizing log file processing and reporting in one scalable solution.

  • Signing up for a Logaholic SaaS plan

    Offload log file processing and reporting for all your customers to our SaaS solution

If you don’t want to provide a Logaholic solution for your customers, you can allow them to do a self service migration to a Logaholic Live account or a version of Logaholic the user installs on their webspace either manually or via Softaculous.

How to migrate?

To allow your users to export and migrate the information currently in their Logaholic profile, you will need to install the free Logaholic cPanel plugin.

This will enable an export feature on the old data and optionally allow you to configure to which Logaholic server new data should be sent.

The plugin is currently under development and is scheduled for release in Q1 2015.

More information

If you would like be informed of the plugin release date and get to know more about our solutions for cPanel hosters please use the form below:

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Why Upgrade?

Logaholic SPE scales to hundreds of thousands of websites. It integrates with cPanel and other back end systems via our API.

Plus, you can configure premium reporting packages to monetize your Logaholic service.