michael, December 20, 2011

We’re happy to announce the release of Logaholic Web Analytics version 3. This major new release has been quite a while in the making so we’re excited to finally be able to share it with you all.

We’ve made a 30 second clip to give you a first impression:

New user interface

Logaholic has been revamped in this version to give you better, faster and more convenient access to your web analytics reports. We’ve created a short tutorial (6 mins) to show you how you can use and create dashboards in Logaholic 3.0:

If you would like to take the new UI for a test drive, you can check out the live demo here:

New features

  • Drag & Drop reports to create custom dashboards on the fly
  • Create PDF documents from dashboards
  • Toggle between Tables, Pie or Graph modes for report visualization
  • Manually give visitors a custom name and/or mark them as a bot
  • Long reports can be paginated into smaller chunks
  • Open entire categories of reports with one click
  • Added IPv6 support
  • Possibility to switch between the old and new UI
  • PHP class for creating your own Logaholic reports
  • New Javascript function for logging custom events in Logaholic
  • Install Logaholic as a WordPress plugin

New Reports

You can now extend your Logaholic with plugin reports available in the Logaholic Report Store (opening soon).
There are a number of trail reports already available in this release, but our opening store lineup will include Twitter reports, Facebook analytics, Youtube statistics, Goal Analysis and more.

Creating your own reports

The new code behind Logaholic’s reporting engine makes the software completely extendible with any number of reports, using almost any kind of local or remote data source.

If you have some knowledge of coding in PHP, you can easily write your own reports using the PHP class we’ve created. We’re currently writing the documentation and tutorials for this and will post it soon!

Other changes

  • The entire user interface has been redesigned
  • All graphs have been redesigned in Javascript/HTML5
  • The javascript tracker tag has been changed (update your pages)
  • Added keyword “(Not Provided)” to account for Google SSL search
  • Improved column sorting and pagination features on tables
  • Improved browser, OS and Device detection
  • Improved XML output mode
  • Improved World map US view
  • Added caching for resolved IP’s
  • Added mysql prefix for use in shared databases
  • and much more

We hope you like the new user interface, but just in case you prefer the old one, we’ve added a way to keep using that too 🙂

Download now: Logaholic 3.0 beta

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