Web Analytics for Hosting Providers

Logaholic software enables you to provide your customers with a modern and powerful web analytics tool
in an attractive and easy to use user interface.

The features your customers want

Logaholic goes beyond just website traffic reporting. It also includes reports that tap into external data sources, like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, eCommerce systems and many more.

This enables your customers to create powerful dashboards that pull all the information they need into a single screen. Your customers will love this!

The benefits your business needs

As a hosting provider, you can use Logaholic to add value in different ways.

  • As a driver for up-sells to higher value hosting services.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty; decrease churn.
  • Keep strategic network data private, and gain some insights of your own.
  • Create an additional revenue stream and improve your bottom line.

The ingredients admins love

  • Centralize log file processing and reporting.
  • Central user and profile management via API and Admin UI.
  • Scales horizontally by adding mysql servers.

Up-sell existing customers with value-added tools and new services

As the hosting services market continues to mature, core hosting market growth rate will decline, up-selling existing customers will become an increasingly important activity to realize additional revenue. Service providers can do this both by augmenting their core offerings with new value added tools or services and by adding emerging services to expand beyond their current core offerings. It is only logical and research confirms; the hosting services market is rapidly trending towards a more and more one stop shopping concept.

Putting new services conveniently within in reach of your customers; increases service levels and customer loyalty, while it decreases customer mobility and price relevancy. “

From a recent SMB survey conducted by Parallels

Logaholic Service Provider Edition

Basic LicenseEnterprise License
Unlimited users and profiles[mini_icon icon=”ok”][mini_icon icon=”ok”]
Central user and profile management via API and Admin UI.[mini_icon icon=”ok”][mini_icon icon=”ok”]
Basic Reports[mini_icon icon=”ok”][mini_icon icon=”ok”]
Premium Reports[mini_icon icon=”remove”][mini_icon icon=”ok”]
Subscriptions manager[mini_icon icon=”remove”][mini_icon icon=”ok”]

The main difference between the licenses is that with Basic, the Premium reports are only available from the Logaholic Report Store, where users can buy individual reporting features directly from us.

The Enterprise license gives you access to all the reports and allows you to set up subscription packages containing different sets of reports and offer these to your users.

Logaholic SPE is only available for providers hosting at least 1000 sites.

More Information:

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