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Latest Releases

Self Hosted Edition   logaholic_she_801.tar.gz 08/03/2022 6.56 MB
Service Provider Edition   logaholic_spe_801.tar.gz 08/03/2022 6.57 MB
Enterprise Edition   logaholic_enterprise_801.tar.gz 08/03/2022 6.58 MB
Logaholic 6 upgrade: If you are upgrading from Logaholic 4.3.2 or lower please install Logaholic 4.3.6 first and then upgrade to version 6.

Older versions

Self Hosted Edition   logaholic_she_800.tar.gz 15/02/2022 6.48 MB
Service Provider Edition   logaholic_spe_800.tar.gz 15/02/2022 6.49 MB
Enterprise Edition   logaholic_enterprise_800.tar.gz 15/02/2022 6.50 MB

Minimum Requirements

  • Linux, Windows or OSX
  • PHP 5.4 or higher
  • MySQL 5.1 or higher
  • Apache / ngnix or IIS

Installation Instructions

Please check the installation manual and refer to the Readme.txt and UpgradeInstructions.txt files in the download for additional information.