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Logaholic Web Analytics announces the official release of Logaholic version 4.1

July 2, 2013
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Logaholic announced today the official release of Logaholic version 4.1.
Included in this brand new version of the web analytics software are all kinds of speed optimizations, new features and other improvements.

One of the key features in Logaholic 4 is the ‘Datamanager’, which helps to keep the database small and fast.
Reports now load much faster than before, especially for high volume sites.

“Logaholic 4.1 offers lightning fast web analytics with tons of new features,” says Michael Erkelens, CEO

Another new feature is Logaholic’s ability to create Infographics.
These are graphical representations of data centered around topics and can be scheduled for weekly emails.
And there is more. With the new ‘Inpage Analytics’ statistics can be visualized in order to determine visitor behaviour.
Data is literally displayed IN the user’s website. With inpage analytics people find answers to questions like:
‘Which links are being clicked on?’ or ‘Do visitors really find what they are supposed to find?’

For hosting providers, Logaholic has added a subscription manager. This allows hosting providers to offer Logaholic to end-users with various report packages.

“Logaholic 4.1 represents a huge leap forward in terms of speed, features and usability. For example, users asked if they could get a daily PDF of a dashboard via email. That’s in there now,” says Mark Spier, Technical Manager

A detailed list of the changes in Logaholic 4 can be found here:

The new version of Logaholic can be downloaded here:

Instructions on upgrading can be found here:

About Logaholic
Logaholic provides customers with an effective and reliable statistics solution. The Web Analytics software is used in various industries and has grown to include many useful features. Logaholic web analytics software is found to be a leading source of information in many organizations. Many rely on Logaholic for measuring the performance of Content, Traffic, Keywords and Marketing. An important part of the clientele is formed by hosting providers, educational institutions, and service/solution providers like web development and online marketing firms. Since 2011 Logaholic web analytics software is included in cPanel, the world’s leading web hosting control panel solution.

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