author admin, October 27, 2015

We’ve just updated the software on our site to Logaholic version 4.3.5. This update fixes problems with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube reports.

Due to changes in Facebook’s API and policies, we’ve had to redesign our Facebook reports and we took the opportunity to make them even better!

Logaholic now comes with reports that show you information about your Facebook Pages and Apps for things like Age, Gender, Location, Pageviews, Posts impressions and much more.

Download the latest version of Logaholic here.

author admin, September 21, 2015

If your website hosting service comes with cPanel, you can check out this short video tutorial on how to install Logaholic Web Analytics for you website.

author admin, July 17, 2015

We are happy to announce that the public beta of Logaholic 6 is now available for download.

Logaholic 6 features an all new user interface, many new report visualizations and all new slick and shiny graphs.

We’ve taken the best parts from our previous versions and combined them with all the feedback we’ve had over the years to create the “ultimate” UI for a web analytics solution. Built from the ground up to be a mobile friendly application that is fast, easy to navigate and beautiful.

download logaholic 6 beta now

Here is a screenshot of a dashboard:

Not only can you can create awesome dashboards, you can transform those to beautiful PDF documents with the click of a button:

download logaholic 6 beta now

author admin, March 23, 2015

We’ve just updated the software on the site to Logaholic version 4.3.

This is just an update that fixes a few bugs:

  • Fixed file history array running out of space
  • Fixed bug in actionmenu for urls with parameters
  • Fixed bug when grouping graphs by week

We’re working hard on the next major release of Logaholic also. Logaholic 5 will feature a completely new User Interface that is much faster and much more beautiful that the current UI. Here is a first screenshot:

author admin, December 10, 2014

The Logaholic version that is currently available in cPanel/WHM has a limited feature set because of technical and commercial restrictions related to the tight integration into the default cPanel distribution.

Since we would like to offer hosting providers a better solution with higher performance and more features, we’re moving to a new way of integrating with cPanel.

The new Logaholic cPanel plugin will enable you to connect and migrate your cPanel users to our full featured solutions. The built in version will remain available until cPanel/WHM version 11.46 EOL.

Please check out this page for more information about the plugin and when it will be available!