michael, June 15, 2007

Hi Everybody,

Logaholic has been updated to version 1.96 – Our best version yet!

Rather than new features, for this release we’ve focussed on quality improvements across the board. Better error handling, optmized coding, improved visual mode and some drastic under the hood changes have made this version one solid puppy that should work on a wide variety of servers and configurations.

If you are currently using an older version than Logaholic 1.96 (Build 2), we recommend that you upgrade to this version.

Logaholic customers can log in here. Check “My Orders” to download the latest release.

If you are not yet a Logaholic customer, you can order Logaholic 1.96 here.

I just want to thank everyone for their feedback and patience in getting all these little i’s dotted, I’m very happy with the result.

This will also be our final 1.x release. We are currently working very hard on the future, as we now start our march to Logaholic 2.0. A ton of new features lie ahead – some of which will positively knock your socks off 🙂

So, if you’ll excuse me, it’s back to the drawing board for me.

Thank you all,



Finally! We are very happy to announce the release of the long-awaited Logaholic Service Provider Edition (SPE).

Logaholic SPE is the perfect solution for service providers that want to offer a web analytics solution to their customers. Web Development firms, Hosting Providers, Application Service Providers, Ad Agencies, Marketing and other Consultancy companies have helped us develop Logaholic SPE in order to design a flexible and robust multi-user web analytics solution that meets your needs.

Logaholic SPE has all the great features our regular version has, but also offers these benefits:

  • Enable Logaholic for your customers websites
  • Full User Management
    Allows you to add login users to the system and grant access to one or more profiles.
  • Integrate with existing login systems
    You can link logaholic user authentication to any existing login sytem you have in place.

Here’s a screenshot of the user administration:

Logaholic SPE is based on version 1.96 – our most stable, time tested release to date. If you would like to test a trial version of Logaholic SPE, please contact us at sales@logaholic.com

Logaholic SPE is now available, place your order here!

PS: For all of you who have helped us with testing and suggestions during our SPE Beta period, please check your email, you’ll receive a discount coupon!

michael, May 22, 2007

Hi All,

We’ve updated the software to Logaholic version 1.95. This is just a minor update that fixes and improves some stuff. You’ll only need to upgrade if version 1.93 is giving your problems.

Stay tuned for more soon 😉


Today, I want to share with you a method I have used to double my traffic and my sales. If this method will work for you I don’t know.But it is very simple and worth a try.

Traffic Duplication Strategy

In a nutshell it comes down to this: duplicate what already works.

Step 1: Find out which referring sites are most valuable

Step 2: Investigate the referring site.

Step 3: Find 5 sites that are just like the referrer

Step 4: Try to get a link on these new sites

In more detail, this is how you can use Logaholic to get the information you need.


michael, May 8, 2007

In order to better meet the specific needs of Service Providers (like ISP’s, Online Ad Agencies, Marketing and Consulting firms, Hosting companies and so on), we have developed a special version of Logaholic: the Service Provider Edition (SPE).

Today, I’m happy to announce the first public beta test of Logaholic SPE. If your company fits the profile for this product and you are looking for an analytics solution you can share with your customers, I would like to invite you to participate in the beta test.

Please send an email to sales@logaholic.com, include your company information and we’ll get you a download right away.

Logaholic SPE Features

  • All the features of the regular Logaholic plus,
  • Full user management
  • Create user logins and limit access to one or more profiles.
  • Select user rights for editing and updating profiles
  • Choose Logaholic login system or link it into your existing password schema’s

Get your beta’s while they last !