Logaholic Conversion Tracking?

2015-09-17 17:19:55Tags: conversion-tracking,tracking,statistics
Hi Logaholic Team, I need to know if Logaholic uses session cookies to track conversions? If not, what type of cookies does it use to track conversions? In case if my customer closes down the window they are browsing and they come back again after a few days to the page where the code is not installed and converts, will they still be tracked as a conversion, just like the way Google AdWords tracking works? Please help me understand the system better. Thank you. Regards, Rahul


Hi It depends how you have setup Logaholic. When you are using the Java tracker; cookies are applied much in the same way as Google and other Page/pixel tracking services are working. When you have setup Logaholic analyzing your web-server logs it uses a combination of Ip no. and user-agent do identify returning visitors. Both methods work equally effective.
The information on this page relates to older Logaholic versions (prior to Logaholic 6) and may be outdated.