How can I collect my Log Files into 1 profile?

2011-10-05 09:23:37Tags: log,files
I want to collect my Log Files, from different sources/servers in 1 profile.


If you want to aggregate your log files from several servers, to analyze these in 1 profile, you will have to make sure your log files meet the following requirements.

- Ensure that the log files, from several servers, are all produced:

     with the same log file format and server settings.

     with with the same time zone settings.

     at the same time, (sync server clock).

     covering the same and equal time frames.

- Copy all log files (time frames) periodically to 1 directory and direct your profile to this directory.

- In the profile settings; select "My logs are split into several files "

- Make sure that the complete batch of log files is in the directory, where you have directed your profile to, before initiating an update.


Please follow above instructions carefully, in this scenario you have to organize your log file production meticulously otherwise you may confuse Logaholic.

Logaholic will compare the most recent date in its database, against the date of your log file, should the date of your log files be less recent then the ones in your Logaholic database (already imported/updated) then Logaholic will skip this file. Should you need to add a log file of a less recent date then is in the Logaholic database, you will have to delete a date range in the database to the point where log file date and last logaholic database entry are the same.

The information on this page relates to older Logaholic versions (prior to Logaholic 6) and may be outdated.