How do I make the interface more static?

2014-06-18 19:19:54Tags: save-progress,click-away-behaviour
I just ran a bunch of great reports with some unique modifiers. I accidentally swiped my fingers on my trackpad and trigger my browser to go back a single page. Now all the reports are back to 'standard'. OR I attempt to highlight a single URL for reference and accidentally click it. Logaholic is now gone and the entire screen of reports I have been waiting to complete are now gone. How do I get this behaviour to stop? Can I configure Logaholic to remember the last screen that was being used? Is there a way to create a dynamic link that can be preserved in a 'history' within my account so that if something happens I can just go back to where I left off? I imagine something like Google Maps where if I accidentally click away from the page I can return to the exact same page where I was just working with ease.


Hi, You can use the "Autosaved workspace" in this case. Every 5 seconds or so the state of the screen is saved in a dashboard called "Autosaved workspace". You'll find the icon along with your other dashboards at the top of the report selection screen. You can also set this to load automatically on startup or you can save the screen as a custom dashboard. That way you can make multiple dashboards consisting of the reports and settings you want. (click the save icon in the top icon bar to save a workspace as a dashboard). I hope this helps!
The information on this page relates to older Logaholic versions (prior to Logaholic 6) and may be outdated.