How do I configure Logaholic to ignore repeat visitors (clients) in data logging?

2014-06-15 22:12:42Tags: ignore-repeat-visitors,membership-based-site,distorted-stats,distorted-statistics,ignore-client-clicks
Our organization is a membership based website. Once a visitor makes a purchase it is intended that they will come back and click throughout the pages within the membership area ad nauseam. I need to make reports that ignore all previously paid repeat visitor clicks (clients) and focus only on new visitors AND visitors who might not be new though have not purchased anything yet. It is assumed that all visitors that have purchased something (clients) will not be purchasing anything else without direct interaction with the support or marketing department for minor upgrades which will not have any relevancy to the marketing efforts of the site. I am not concerned with what their click behaviour is - they paid and will provide very clear feedback if a purchase is overturned. I need to only know what unknown, non-member, potential future clientele are doing on the site so that a proper conversion rate can be determined as well as other statistics that appear completely distorted due to our organizational structure. Also, clients might be returning using a new device and therefore a new IP such as a laptop, a desktop at work, a mobile device in transit, etc etc.


There are a number of ways you can approach this problem, but the first thing that comes to mind is to make one segment that defines your clients and one that defines who is not a client. For example, there might be a page that your clients always hit when they visit, but a non-client can never hit. That would be an ideal page to use in the segment definition. Please check out this page: If you need more help, please send us an email on with your url so we can take a look at your site. Thanks
The information on this page relates to older Logaholic versions (prior to Logaholic 6) and may be outdated.