Max daterange in Database Less Than 1 Month

2014-01-27 09:43:00Tags: max-daterange-in-database
By default the minimum period to select for the Max daterange in Database is 1month at the moment. Is there a way to specify less than 1 month, for example 1 week? The reason being we are using logaholic on a very busy site and keeping data in the database for the current plus 1 month it slows things down Thanks


Hi By default 1 month is minimum anything shorter we would have to customize. There are several other methods to keep the database under control, how do you collect your data, Tracker or Web server log file? How many pageviews are generated by a very busy site? What kind of hardware are you running Logaholic on? Thanks for contacting Logaholic. Regards Andre
We collect the web server logs from server A and we have logaholic on server B. Every 4 hours the web server A logs are pulled by server B and processed on server B so we do not slow down server A. Server B is running on 4 core xeon, 8gb memory that has whm/cpanel but it is a separate installation of logaholic that we use from the default cpanel installation. The cpanel logaholic we do not use. We generate about 5-6gb of web server A logs per day split in hourly files. We are looking at between 5-8 million requests a day. I have already excluded all the url parameters trying to minimise the amount of data. Is there a way to automate the report files generation on daily basis or even weekly basis so then as part of the automated routine the data in the database to be removed? Thanks
Hi, the database needs at least 1 month of data to calculate things like unique visitors per month, certain metrics will end up wrong if the database contains less than that. However, we may be able to optimize things for you. It's probably best if you send a message to and we will continue this via email. Thanks, Michael
Thanks Michael, I will email support shortly
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