How do I create a MySql Database for Logaholic?

2011-10-04 14:00:28Tags: mysql,database
I want to create a MySql Database for Logaholic how do I do this?


On step 2 of the Logaholic installation process you will have to supply your MySql server information. To find it, check to see if your website's hosting package comes with a MySql database. If it does, check the setup emails you received from your hosting provider, or contact them asking for this data:

Mysql server name. This is the name of the database server, for example or localhost.

Mysql username & password. Your hosting provider must supply you with a mysql username and password to access your databases.

Database name. Depending on your hosting package, you will have one or more databases available. Ask your hosting provider if you are able to create new databases. If so, you can create a separate database for Logaholic (call it 'logaholic' for example). If you only have one database available, ask your web host for its name, and enter it in the "Database Name" field in the Logaholic installation wizard.

NOTE: Using a new database for Logaholic is recommened. You can install Logaholic into an existing database that is shared with other systems (like a CMS), but be carefull that you don't use any already existing table names when you set up your Logaholic profiles.

The information on this page relates to older Logaholic versions (prior to Logaholic 6) and may be outdated.