How do I install PHP and Mysql on IIS?

2011-10-04 13:57:44Tags: php,mysql,iis


If you are using a Miscrosoft IIS webserver, PHP and MYSQL probably won't be installed or enabled by default.

Since you'll need these to run Logaholic, you'll need to install them first. This is a bit beyond the scope of Logaholic, but here is a good tutorial that should help you get it working:

 If you know of other or better tutorials on this matter, please let us know and we'll include the link here.

Optimal software versions and configuration

On windows servers running IIS, the following software versions and settings have been found to be optimal in combination with Logaholic:

- PHP version 5.2.6 (works better than the new 5.2.8) - PHP 5.2.6 Non-thread-safe zip package

- Run PHP as a CGI program, don't use the ISAPI dll file, see this for instructions:

- Make sure to read and implement the General considerations (about cgi) listed on is page:  

- Mysql Server 5+. When you run the mysql config wizard, choose "Detailed Configuration", "Server Machine" (or Dedicated if only using server for Logaholic) and "Non Transactional Database Only", then click Next, Next, Next ,Next.


IIS has the natsty habit of aborting any script if it runs longer than 300 seconds (CGI Timeout). Logaholic may need more time to run when importing a large log file.

This document explains how to change the CGI Timeout setting:

For IIS6+ users, you need to download and install the Metabase editor from Microsoft to do this:

The information on this page relates to older Logaholic versions (prior to Logaholic 6) and may be outdated.