2013-03-27 11:26:19Tags: awesome,features,beta4
I just found the functionality in beta 4.0.0 that allows making a dashboard using multplie "Today Overview" tiles that allow reporting on data for ANY profile within Logaholic!!!!! This is a great "new" feature!!! Thanks for continuing to make Logaholic the great product it is!!!! Just one observation....You cannot tell which profile the data is from by looking at the information presented within the tile.... Update...Evidently this new feature is available in "ALL" reports where applicable. This makes comparing data from complimentatry/clustered/related profiles in one comprehensive dashboard possible! AWESOME!!!! Another observation with ALL Logaholic versions: In the "User Administration" page, if there are A LOT of REPORT profiles associated with ANY USER profile, this can send the "edit" and "delete" commands off the screen for ALL profiles and it becomes harder to associate these with the profile they belong to. Can they be moved to the front of the row or nearer the User Name? Thanks! John Ridgway


Hi John! I'm glad you like it !! The profilename should be mentioned on the blue header of each report. But it seems today overview is the exception here. We'll fix asap. I'll also look into the profile list on the User admin page. Thanks for your feedback! PS: Don't forget to check out the datamanager section, this will make Logaholic super fast;
Michael, Thanks for the updates and the info on Data-manager. One reason I went with Logaholic was the fact that Ad-Hoc reports were possible without re-reading logfile info from raw logs EVERYTIME I got a ad-hoc request. With the data in MySQL, this problem is eliminated! I get LOTS of requests for historical reports going back a year or more, so having the data in MySQL works best for me. I will "experiment" with the Data-Manager functionality, but I currently expect to keep my data in MySQL for immediate reporting needs. Btw, having this need has also made me more MySQL proficient than I though I would ever be! LOL John Ridgway
In 99% of cases, the data will already be available in 'datafiles' so you don't have to keep it in mysql. Only if you need to do something like generate a specific visitors clicktrail from 12 months ago, or generate a report with a newly defined segmentation filter and run that for a year back, will it have to reimport some stuff into mysql. BUT, the reimporting is really fast (MUCH faster than the original import). So, please do experiment with it and let me know what you think! Thanks again for all the feedback
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