Which Data Collection method 'works best', log files or the javascript tracking method?

2011-10-04 12:34:27


The truth is that one is not nessesarily better than the other, it depends on your situation what will work best for you.

In general I would say, if you can ... use log files.

  • Log files contain your historical data, a tracker will only start collecting data after you have tagged your pages.
  • Using log files, you can track every file on your server, no need to add any code to your pages
  • Using log files, you can better detect crawler activity, deep linkers, click fraud, spammers and errors
  • Using log files, you can still track visitors that have disabled javascript 
  • Using a javascript tracker, you can only track what you can 'tag'.

Having said all that, there are situations where a javascript tracker is preferable over log files:

  • If you dont have or cant use your log files in any way.
  • If your site is super huge with a lot of traffic, your log files may get very big very fast. In this case it might be better to use the javascript tracker to just track the stuff you are interested in. This saves a lot of data, and logaholic will be faster as a result.
The information on this page relates to older Logaholic versions (prior to Logaholic 6) and may be outdated.