I can put names to the IP of visitors statistics to better identify them?

2012-10-02 07:28:22
There are many views that I find it difficult, if could identify them with names would be easier


Hi, You can do this by clicking on the IP you want to edit. Next you can choose from a few options where you can select "Edit Visitors", if you choose this option you can edit the 'labe/name' field to set a name for your IP. Kind regards, Mark Spier
http://www.subeimagenes.net/images/364captura.png neither option lets me change the name, just do groups but I not know for that is it
Hi , I see you are still using v2.x we suggest you upgrade your installation to the latest version. http://www.logaholic.com/download/
I can't do the update, belongs to hosting24.com
In that case you wil have to wait for Cpanel to upgrade its Logaholic.
The information on this page relates to older Logaholic versions (prior to Logaholic 6) and may be outdated.