What are the differences in Visitor count with Logaholic vs Awstats?

2011-10-04 11:36:16Tags: logaholic,awstats


In general, Logaholic counts a visitor much the same as awstats or most other statistics software does (based on unique IP numbers*).

However, there are some important differences:

1. Logaholic tries to make the 'visitors' number as realistic as possible, meaning that we only want to count HUMANS, not bots.
Awstats will also count bots (like google's crawler) as visitors. This can cause the reported number in Logaholic to be lower than in AWstats

2. By default, Logaholic does not analyze images files (or any files listed in the Page filter field in the profile. Awstats does analyze these files. This CAN have a massive effect on visitors, IF other websites are deep linking to your images or other skipped files. When this is the case, a visitor (ip) requests ONLY an image file, that is likely displayed in someone else's webpage. Logaholic will not count this as a visitor, awstats will. Usually, this does not happen often, but I have seen websites that only really had 1/3 of the traffic they thought they had, because others were using their images...

So there you have it. If you notice a big difference, it's time to check out the Crawler stats in Logaholic.

If the difference is still HUGE and you want to try to find out where the difference is coming from exactly, this is what I recommend you to do:

Create a new profile in logaholic, just like the one you already have, but remove everything from the page filter field in the profile.

Next, analyze your log file and compare the stats with the stats from the original profile. If the differences are big it should be a piece of cake to see which files are responsible.

Please note that no 2 web analytics products will ever report the EXACT same number for any one metric. This is due to small differences in very complicated technical matters and mysterious quantum effects that no one really understands :)

But seriously, the definitions and metrics used in Logaholic 2.0 are fully based on the Industry Standards as defined by the Web Analytics Association (Logaholic is a member):


(* in Logaholic 2.0 you can choose the Unique Visitor ID method, either straight IP number or the slightly more accurate combo of IP number and User Agent)

The information on this page relates to older Logaholic versions (prior to Logaholic 6) and may be outdated.