Can you use access_log that's a symlink?

2012-07-10 03:55:52Tags: access_log
The main access log is nested in root folders with different user/group and symlink is in /home/user/logs/access_log, but Logaholic won't recognize it there or in the /var/log/ folders. Any workaround for this? ...I think I found the answer: I created a hard link instead which Logaholic recognized. Is there any drawback (e.g., system load, etc.) to doing it this way?


Hi, Good to hear you found a solution! There should be no drawback to doing it this way. But, make sure the log file only contains information for the website you want to analyze (sometimes apache is set up to dump all requests from all virtual hosts into one log file) and that is not what you want in this case :) Please let me know if you need any help!
Hard link didn't update. So I set up a cron to copy the correct access_log to accessible folder outside public_html, set to overwrite automatically (with "\"): \cp -f /path/to/source /path/to/destination, then set up cron via wget a couple minutes later to auto update per the Logaholic instructions. All is good, working like a charm! Love the new interface!
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