Automatic Updates email only working on first update after setting email alert.

2012-05-27 02:24:48Tags: email-alerts-only-work-once
Hello Support, I have now set my profiles to auto-update using the command-line syntax method and that is working as expected. I have also set email alerts for myself on each profile. After setting the email alert and then running the update process, I get the expectedc email. When i run the exact update again right after the first one finishes, I do not recieve an email. Is there something I am missing? I even went as far as to delete the most recent day's data thinking "New" data would trigger it, but it did not. Thanks! John Ridgway


Hi, Email alerts are set up to run once a day, week or month. You can select the period when you set up the alert. So if you run update twice in a row, the email will only be sent once, this of course to avoid that you get a whole slew of emails a day if you update your logaholic stats frequently. I hope this answers your question!
Michael, That's a great feature for alerts, and it explains what I am seeing! Thanks for the clarification! JohnR
The information on this page relates to older Logaholic versions (prior to Logaholic 6) and may be outdated.