Report on URL Groups

2012-04-30 18:54:18
How would I go about reporting on groups of URLs? I'll elaborate. My site is arranged in Places, visits to a Place will either be directly to or something like where xxxx will be many different subfolders and parameters. Visits to a different Place would be either or I'd like to be able to report all visits to URLs by Placename e.g would be 4 visits to placename1. Any pointers appreciated.


I understand you want to create a report that shows you all url's containing a value; PLACENAME(x).

PLACENAME(x) is an Unique name throughout your WebSite. There may be many folders PLACENAME(x) but these will all contain uniform information belonging to the particular PLACENAME(x) selection you wish to report on.


When you go to the Reports selection (top) screen in Logaholic 3.x, select under Popular Content "Top pages" or "Top Pages details".

Set the desired date range, set Display mode:  Table, Segment: all traffic, Search Top Pages that: match, PLACENAME(x).

Limit: set a high enough number so the Placename selection will not equal set limit number.

This would give you all URLs containing the chosen PLACENAME(x) folder.


When additionally you would like to Segment the traffic to PLACENAME(x) i.e. all traffic coming from a certain country or from an add etc...

Select In Segment the appropriate filter, there are some predefined filters, Logaholic lets you assemble your custom segment filters as well.

The information on this page relates to older Logaholic versions (prior to Logaholic 6) and may be outdated.