Unique Visitors per year

2012-04-13 12:27:55
I am trialing your hosted product and have a couple of questions to make sure I understand what is being reported correctly. 1. My logs contain data from two web sites each of which have aliases. When I create a profile and specify the Domain Name and Equivalent Domain names does this act as a top level filter i.e all the reports generated will only be for the Domain and sub domains specified? Or to put it another way I require two Profiles one for each of my web sites? 2. I need to report the number of unique visitors per month. I believe this is the 'Visitors' column in the 'Visitors per month' report. Correct? 3. I also need the total number of unique visitors per year. n.b this is not the same as the sum of the monthly unique visitors, i.e it needs to be de-duplicated across the whole yearly period. Is there a standard report for this? Can I get to this number using the standard reports and product?


Hi reeg99,

Let me answer your questions in order:

1. Yes, this is right , you need to create one profile per website. Sometimes single logfiles containing more than one website can be tricky. What does it say the logfile format is when running update.php?

2. That is correct.

3. A single unique visitors per year count  is not available by default due to the time it takes to produce this number. But if this is necessary for you we can send a report that provides this information.

Logfile format is reported as: Apache Common/Combined with cookie If you could send me a yearly report that would be great. Thank you
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