How do I create a phpinfo file?

2011-10-04 09:59:14Tags: phpinfo
I need some info about my php. How can I create a file for this?


If you need to debug your PHP settings, check version number, ioncube, sqlite, mysql compatibility and all that, a great trick is to create a phpinfo file that will give you all this information. 

Remember to delete this file when you're done with it, as it can tell any unscrupulous individuals a lot about your system. Don't leave it around!

STEP 1: Open your favorite text editor (like notepad in Windows, or vi/joe/emacs in Unix).

STEP 2: Copy and paste the following code into a blank editor:





STEP 3: Save this file as phpinfo.php

STEP 4: Upload file to the Logaholic directory of your website using your favorite FTP Client.

STEP 5: Once you have uploaded the phpinfo.php file. Pull the file with your browser to the location of your site where you uploaded the phpinfo.php file (Example:

STEP 6: After that, If you have PHP installed, you should see all the PHP configurations. All these configurations are located in a file called php.ini.

The information on this page relates to older Logaholic versions (prior to Logaholic 6) and may be outdated.