segment doesn't seem to be working for top cities

2012-03-25 19:53:29Tags: segmentation-filter
Greetings, I'm using logaholic self hosted 3.0 (I'm about to upgrade to 3.01) I'm curious if I'm struggling with a bug or I'm doing something wrong. First, I'd just like to confirm: Are the segment groupings just arbitrary labels? e.g. "geogrpahic segments" is identifical functionality as "foo"? My goal is to to see top cities by segment. I have a few segments defined as: "url" "starts with" "/checkup" (and then other directories) This segment works for top *countries* but if I try when I look at cities within a country all my segments show the same data. Is this a known issue and/or how should I go about seeing top cities by segment? Regards, -A


Hi, The Top Countries/Cities report is able to use segmentations and the Top Cities report is not. This is a known issue and it is not possible for anyone to set segmentations for Top Cities.
Thanks for the response. Too bad on the reprot. Do you know if this data is stored in the db directly or is it generated on the fly by php? e.g. Is it worth poking around in the tables to try and pull this with my own query...
The information on this page relates to older Logaholic versions (prior to Logaholic 6) and may be outdated.