How to import older log files / Does Logaholic only import newer data ?

2011-10-03 15:24:29Tags: import
I installed logaholic2 on 8th Jan and it has been processing nightly ever since. I have now acquired (from our backup facility) the logs preceeding this date, but the UPDATE facility won't import them... Will it only import logs NEWER than what is there? Is there any way I can import logs older than the existing ones or do I have to get hold of ALL the logs then delete the profile and set it up again importing them in chronological order?


Yes, normally only newer data is imported, to avoid logaholic from reimporting stuff it already has, or needlessly investigating files that have already been processed. There are 2 ways to get around this. First, you can delete the mysql data for your logaholic profile and re-import ALL log files. Second, your could use this 'hack'. If you add "&force=true" to the end of the update.php url string and press enter, all the logs will be imported and no date checks will take place. So, in your case, the old files will be imported, BUT if there are log files in the same directory that logaholic has previously imported, these will be imported again also and your stats for those periods will double in volume. So, you'll need to make a directory that contains just logs file that have not been analyzed yet, point to it in the logaholic profile and update using the &force=true parameter. Then you can put the log file location back to it's original setting. Now, this will mean that the order of records in your database in no longer chronological, which will make reporting slower. This should only be a problem if you have lots of volume, but if it is, you should run this query on the main profile table, using a mysql command shell or manager: > alter table 'logaholic_profilename' order by timestamp asc
The information on this page relates to older Logaholic versions (prior to Logaholic 6) and may be outdated.